Male to female transformation

Model in above photos has a normal size penis. It has been reshaped by these beautiful Koala male to female transformation swimsuits. The black is a bikini and the white is a slinky sexy thong.

Are you ready to get in touch with your feminine side? If so Than Male Feminine is the perfect place to start. Let us guide you in the quest to become the girl you have dreamed of being. We are a targeted site with information specifically about changing the shape of your penis into that of a vagina. We feature swimwear, underwear, tights, shorts and more that are designed to transform. There are many other sites that can help you with make-up, dressing, style, mental health, physical transformations, social, gender information, just about any information you need can be found on the web or at the very least guide you to the correct source. At Male Feminine we are only about repackaging the penis. Reshaping it to be the beautiful vagina you have dreamed of having. Our designs are the most unique and realistic creations made for men who want to be in touch with their inner feminine. Instead of masking or hiding the penis we reshape The model wearing the shorts above has a normal size penis. As you can see from the non touched up photo no penis is visible just a lovely little camel toe look vagina. The same goes for the spandex tights, bikinis, thongs and even G-strings. Our tights are made to be seen in, to work out in or to wear out on the town. Our swimwear designs are made for the beach or the pool and they will make you beautiful. Our designs are for all man and transgender pre-op women. Many of our customers are transgender but many others are men who are interested in evolving their feminine side. Gay, straight or Bi you might be surprised how many men are into it. No matter what your wants or needs Male Feminine will be here to guide you to that perfect feminization design.

Male Feminine

Designs to bring out the feminine in you.

Male to female transformation swimwear, underwear, tights, spandex fetish wear and more.